Designer focuses on world of Hollywood movies

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Unzipped, the film about New York designer Isaac Mizrahi that opens in London later this month, has done a lot to promote the man who has more talent as a showbusiness personality than as a designer.

In the film, Mizrahi's mother is his guiding light and his solution to designing a collection is to romp through her wardrobe from the past three decades.

The clothes looked as though they had all been round the block a few times. Some pieces, like a pearlised brocade fabric made into a maxi skirt, must have been lifted from her wardrobe, but even she would avoid having to wear a catsuit with voluminous culottes.

The collection was all over the place and included a fluorescent pink satin disco catsuit. In Mizrahi's world, life is one long 1940s Hollywood movie. But his world has very little to do with reality.