Detained by state

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Sheikh Abdul Amir al-Jamri, an elected member of Bahrain's dissolved national assembly and informal head of the country's most broadly based opposition group, the Bahrain Freedom Movement, has been imprisoned without charge since January 1996. A government official said there was proof his group was involved in a bombing, but three years later he has not been formally accused of any crime. His family have been allowed just a few brief visits.

Maryam As'ld al-Aradi, aged 20, was arrested last month with two other women, Salwa Hassan Haldar and Hanan Salman Haldar, both 30. The women have been held incommunicado since security forces ransacked their houses.

Salwa Hassan Haldar is reported by Amnesty International to have been beaten on the soles of her feet and suspended by her limbs. It is thought that the women and other detainees may have been used as "hostages" for relatives sought by the authorities.

Muhammad Ali Muhammad-'Ikri, now 17, was arrested for the third time last month. His family has been denied access and Amnesty International fears he may be suffering torture and abuse. The teenager was first taken in at the age of 14, accused of throwing a petrol bomb. He was sentenced to 10 years, which was overturned. In February he was arrested again, and released a month later.