Detective warns Sams could strike again

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The detective who helped to capture Michael Sams yesterday warned that the killer "has nothing to lose by playing his games" and could strike again behind bars.

Sams, who was yesterday cleared of attempted murder but convicted of false imprisonment for attacking a probation officer in Wakefield Prison, is serving life for the murder of teenager Julie Dart and kidnap of estate agent Stephanie Slater.

But Detective Superintendent Bob Taylor, of West Yorkshire Police, who led the Julie Dart murder inquiry, said Sams enjoyed playing games with the authorities and was unlikely to stop.

"Sometimes what he does is for fame," he said. "I think a significant fact is that during the latest incident the Rose West trial was on and I suspect he didn't like being knocked off the front page. He has nothing to lose by playing his games - he's got nothing else to amuse him.

"Sadly I don't think this will be the last thing we hear from him."