Devolution White Paper: Advancing the arguments

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Yes for

The cross-party Welsh "yes" campaign, which began agitating well in advance of the Government's effort, is backed by a pounds 25,000 grant from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and by a further donation from the public sector union Unison.

It has backing from members of all political parties as well as from the from several trades unions. Spin-off groups include Anglican ministers for devolution, women for devolution, farmers for devolution, poets for devolution and even quango members for devolution.

While Labour parades the Cabinet on the streets, the Yes for campaign will be wheeling out the celebrities, including Max Boyce and the boxer Robbie Reagan.

Labour "yes" campaign,

Labour's "yes" campaign will run parallel to the Yes for campaign. Gearing up properly in early September, it will bring a host of cabinet ministers to to support the cause. Appearances will also be made at the Eisteddfod, the Royal Welsh Show and the Brecon Jazz Festival, among others. Labour will not say how much it is spending.


Scotland Forward

Scotland Forward, the umbrella group which campaigned for devolution and will now work for a "Yes-Yes" vote in the referendum, is run by a Glasgow businessman, Nigel Smith.

It is believed to have a fighting fund of around pounds 100,000, and is expected to set up branches in all 72 Scottish constituencies. Labour will throw its weight behind the campaign, while the Liberal Democrats, unions and pressure groups are also expected to support it. Even the SNP leader, Alex Salmond, has said that if his party decides to work for Labour's assembly it will join Scotland Forward.