Devolution White Paper: Friends of the Union

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Just Say No

Funded by the Jersey-based nonaganerian, Welsh multimillionaire, Sir Julian Hodge, and chaired by his son, Robert Hodge. The Welsh "no" campaign has members from all parties and its president is Lord Tonypandy, a former Labour Secretary of State for . The group is also acting as a channel for Tory opposition to Welsh devolution. It is not clear how much money Sir Julian has donated to the group, but the amount is likely to be substantial.


Think twice

The Scottish "No" campaign acts an umbrella under which those Tories opposed to devolution are agitating against the move. It has some members from Labour and the Liberal Democrats, but very few. Anti-devolutionists in those parties are not allowed to speak out, a spokesman said. The group is funded through voluntary donations, and its chairman is Donald Findlay, QC, vice chairman of Glasgow Rangers football club and Rector of St Andrew's University. A spokesman for the group said it was funded through personal voluntary donations, but would not say how much it was spending.