Diana 1961-1997: Other faiths - Religions united in mourning

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Other faiths and other places of worship across Britain echoed the ceremonies in Westminster Abbey and in Northamptonshire.

Jews across the Commonwealth held an unprecedented tribute for Princess Diana on the morning of the funeral. The Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks, head of the Orthodox United Hebrew community, was forced to turn down his invitation to Westminster Abbey because Jews are forbidden to mourn on the Sabbath.

Instead, he instructed his 200 synagogues across the UK and the Commonwealth to hold a special service for Diana. He also composed a memorial prayer to be recited in each synagogue as the service proceeded in Westminster Abbey. "We, as a community, held the princess in very close regard," he said.

A live television link was set up in churches as far apart as Belfast, Winchester and Newcastle. The Stationery Office provided 2,000 copies of the full order of service for each of the churches involved.

Wales led the mourning for its lost princess with 1,000 people packed into Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, where Prince William made his first public appearance in Wales with his parents in 1991. Mourners included Welsh Secretary Ron Davies and Plaid Cymru president Dafydd Wigley.

In Edinburgh, thousands attended an open-air service, where Scottish Secretary Donald Dewar gave a reading, and crowds viewed the procession and service on giant screens. A thanksgiving service will be held in Glasgow next Sunday. In Bradford, a multi-faith service is due to take place today, bringing together Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. Muslims also paid tribute to Diana in ceremonies in the city's mosques on Friday, the Muslim holy day.

Britain's half-million Sikhs have also remembered Princess Diana in their prayers, during services at Sikh temples across the country.

The Shri Swaminarayan Hindu Temple in Neasden, north London, which Princess Diana visited in June, was filled with thousands from the Indian community for special prayers yesterday.