Diana bodyguard set to return home

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Trevor Rees-Jones, only survivor of the accident which killed Diana, Princess of Wales, is expected to leave hospital in Paris shortly and go home to Britain.

Meanwhile, evidence emerged suggesting a second car was involved in the accident. Earlier yesterday Mr Rees-Jones, 29, had a second interview with detectives investigating the crash on 31 August.

But the bodyguard, who suffered head and chest injuries, is suffering from partial and possibly temporary amnesia. It is understood Judge Herve Stephan, leading the criminal investigation into the accident, has no objection to him leaving France, suggesting investigators have little hope he will recover his memory in the near future.

It was hoped Mr Rees-Jones might be able to shed light on the role of photographers pursuing the Mercedes and say whether, as now suspected, there was a glancing collision with a slower-moving car. Parts of the tail light of a Fiat Uno were found near the crash scene. It emerged yesterday that paint samples taken from a graze on the right side of the Mercedes were also from a Fiat Uno.