Diana wanted her mother to help raise royal princes

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THE original will ran to only six pages and was signed simply "Diana" in her familiar rounded hand. The amended version, drawn up after her death, runs to 35 pages and - devoid of signatures - seems a curiously impersonal document.

The Princess left a net fortune of almost pounds 13m after death duties of more than pounds 8.5m were paid, according to the will, which was published yesterday.

Her sons, Princes William and Harry, inherit the bulk of her estate - valued at pounds 21,468,352 before death duties - which is to be held in trust until they are 25.

Other beneficiaries, who were not in the original will, include her butler, Paul Burrell, whom the Princess referred to as "my rock" and who receives pounds 50,000, while her 17 godchildren will each receive an object or painting from her personal belongings. Martyn Gowar, senior partner of Lawrence Graham, the lawyers acting for the executors of the Princess's estate, said: "They are personal gifts, chosen by the executors in the knowledge that they had great value in the eyes of Diana and would therefore be of value to her godchildren."

The will, written in June 1993 as the relationship between Charles and Diana turned decidedly sour, also insists that her mother, Frances Shand Kydd,be consulted over the "education and welfare" of the two princes.

It is the first time a royal will has been made public and its contents were revealed at the request of her family. Until her death, only the full value of an estate belonging to a member of the Royal Family was revealed. All details of personal bequests and beneficiaries remained private. Mr Gowar said: "It was the decision of the family that the will should be made public. They felt it would be appropriate in view of the intense public interest surrounding the Princess." Diana's estate comprised stocks and shares, jewellery, cash - mainly from her pounds 17m divorce settlement - dresses and other belongings at Kensington Palace, her London home.

Details of the original will, drawn up in June 1993 following her separation from Prince Charles, were changed by a variation order granted through the courts on 19 December last year.

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