DiCaprio voted `world's most over-rated star'

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LEONARDO DICAPRIO may be hot property in Hollywood but film buffs have ranked him the world's most overrated star.

The Titanic actor topped a poll in Total Film magazine, where he faced the derision of detractors who saw him as the film industry's most over- esteemed actor.

While his boyish charms proved a flop with the magazine's mainly male readers, the Oscar-winning Gwyneth Paltrow was seen to be similarly undeserving with women.

Paltrow finished third in the survey behind the director Steven Spielberg, who has scored some of the biggest box-office hits, including Jurassic Park.

The Star Wars director, George Lucas, and the Pulp Fiction creator, Quentin Tarantino, were similarly unsuccessful, listed fourth and fifth in the overrated league. The poll is one of many featured in the new edition of the magazine to round off the millennium.

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