Diplomats back 'Independent' campaign

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FOUR former senior British diplomats have added their voices to the Independent's campaign calling for the relief of Sarajevo, by force if necessary.

Sir Donald Maitland, former ambassador to the UN and the European Community, Lord Bridges, former ambassador in Rome, and Lord Greenhill and Sir Antony Acland, former heads of the Foreign Office, wrote to the Independent:

'We associate ourselves with those who have written in support of your approach and, in particular, Sir Anthony Duff (27 July) and the 28 Fellows of King's College, Cambridge (28 July).' Sir Donald Maitland said the Independent campaign offers the last chance for the international community to salvage the Bosnian debacle: 'In the present situation, the United Nations and the European Community have few opportunities left to restore their credibility. Apart from its humanitarian aspects, your proposal seems to offer just such an opportunity.'

About 2,500 readers have written in response to the campaign, over 90 per cent in favour. A further selection of letters is on page 14.