Dirty Dogs Campaign: MPs support our clean-up crusade

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MORE than 30 MPs from across the political spectrum have signed a Commons motion congratulating the Independent on Sunday on its campaign to rid Britain's streets and open spaces of dog excrement.

Chris Mullin, Labour MP for Sunderland South, who tabled the early-day motion last week, yesterday called on the Department of the Environment to draw up a national code of conduct for dog owners, to be enforced by local authorities. 'I think the tide is turning against irresponsible dog owners,' he said. 'The problem is that irresponsible dog owners give all dog owners a bad name. I am sure that many people who do own dogs, and who look after them properly, will be as keen as I am that something is done about this.'

Mr Mullin also welcomed proposals from some members of the public for a 'health warning' about fouling on tins and packets of pet food. 'It is about time that the dog food manufacturers played a part in this.'

His early-day motion, signed by 37 MPs - more than 30 Labour members, several Liberal Democrats and one Conservative - says: 'That this House congratulates the Independent on Sunday for its campaign against irresponsible dog owners who allow their animals to foul public places without regard for their neighbours; and calls on the Government, in co- operation with local authorities, to compel dog owners to take responsibility for the misdeeds of their pets and thereby to restore to all citizens the right to enjoyment of our parks, beaches and other public places.'

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