Disney recalls 'sabotaged' video

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DISNEY RECALLED 3.4 million copies of its home video The Rescuers yesterday, saying that two frames of the 110,000-frame animated film about heroic mice contained an "objectionable background image".

This is the first time that Disney, based in California, has recalled a video tape for having an objectionable image, although in the past various groups have claimed that The Lion King and The Little Mermaid contained inappropriate images or language.

A Disney spokeswoman said that the images in The Rescuers were placed in the film during production, but she declined to say what they were or who placed them.

In a statement, the company said that the two images could not be seen in ordinary viewing because the film runs too fast - at 30 frames per second on video.

The Burbank-based Disney giant is the world's second biggest entertainment company and the one most associated with family products. Two days ago, the chairman, Michael Eisner, pledged that the management would refocus efforts to make more family- orientated movies.

The film, Disney's 23rd animated movie, features the adventures of two mice trying to save a girl trapped on the riverboat hideout of a notorious villainess. The film features the voices of Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor.

The company said the aim of the recall was to keep its promise to families that they can trust and rely on the Disney brand to provide the best in family entertainment.