Girls' 'I hate my thighs' babygrow on sale next to 'I'm super' one for boys

The clothes were on sale in an NYU store

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It is an example of gender stigmatisation that takes pink for girls and blue for boys to a whole new extreme.

A New York University College store in the US has put these two babygrows below on sale side-by-side in what is basically the sartorial equivalent of Action Man and Barbie.

The babygrows on sale in the store

Of course there isn’t really any way to prove which gender each was aimed for, but we’re guessing you’re probably thinking very much along the same lines we are.

The products are made by the company Wry Baby, although they are not currently for sale on its website and according to the blog Daddy Types, the clothes have now been withdrawn from the NYU store.

The babygrow that reads: “I hate my thighs’ previously attracted widespread criticism when it was released earlier this month.

Michele Kort, editor of Ms Magazine, published a blog on 10 March that said: “We feminists do have a sense of humor. But really, there’s something icky about projecting fat awareness on babies.”

Wry Baby owner Kelly Sopp wrote: “What we’re trying to do is make the entire parenting experience as fun as humanly possible.

“We equate kids with having a good time. Why shouldn’t it be?”

Other slogans on babygrows made by the company include: “Bringing booty back,” “Silently judging you” and “Turnt up.”

In a similar issue, the problems of gender associated toys for babies and young children were targeted from 2012 in Mumsnet campaign called: “Let Toys be Toys.”

It quickly turned into a petition asking retailers to stop promoting toys and books as only for girls or only for boys.

Jess day, one of the campaigners behind “Let Toys be Toys” told the Mirror: “There’s nothing wrong with giving a girl a doll for Christmas , or a boy a car – but children need a variety of play. Why would we want to tell them that only certain types of play are allowed for children.”