DJ's unfair sacking was not racism

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A DISC JOCKEY sacked by the dance music radio station Kiss FM was unfairly dismissed, an industrial tribunal ruled yesterday. But the panel rejected a claim that the decision was made on racial grounds.

Steve Jackson, who was sacked last December with 19 others, had maintained that he was part of a racially motivated purge that left no black presenters of peak-time programmes. But although the tribunal found that Kiss FM had breached his contract by dismissing him, only one of the three panel members agreed he was the victim of race bias.

Mr Jackson, 40, said after the tribunal: "Whilst I am pleased with the finding that I was dismissed unfairly and in breach of contract I am naturally disappointed at the decision by the majority of the tribunal panel that my dismissal was not as a result of my race." He said he felt it was his duty to draw attention to what he believed was an example of racial discrimination and is now considering an appeal.

The tribunal member who believed Mr Jackson was dismissed because of his race drew attention to the fact that by April this year all of Kiss's daytime presenters were white. He also noted that Mr Jackson was replaced by a white presenter and that none of Kiss FM's managers had any equal opportunities training.