Dodd arrested on ferry to France

ONE OF England's most feared football hooligans was arrested yesterday on a ferry about to leave Dover for France, it was disclosed last night.

Notorious hooligan Paul Dodd, 27, from Carlisle, and an 18-year-old from Barnsley, who has not been named, were held by Port of Dover Police in connection with an allegation of theft on board a P&O ferry, the Pride of Burgundy.

He has three lions tattooed on his chest with the slogan "No Surrender" and has already promised revenge on the people of Marseille if England make it to the quarter finals .

A spokesman for the Dover police confirmed that he was being questioned in connection with an alleged theft on board the ship. Dodd became known as Britain's most feared hooligan after he was banned from every football league ground in Britain.

Earlier this month, just before the start of the World Cup tournament, his book, called Serial Adventures of a Soccer Yob, was published. Dodd, - a member of the hooligan outfit Carlisle's Border City Firm - has more than 30 convictions. In 1995, he was arrested after being involved in a riot in Dublin when England played Ireland. Last October, he was held by Italian police after attacking two men on his way to England's World Cup qualifier in Rome.