Dome's sperm film has soundtrack from father of 38

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SEX WILL feature in the Millennium Dome, with visitors treated to a womb's-eye view of human sperm racing to fertilise an egg, it was announced yesterday.

Visitors to the giant reclining figures in the Dome's Body Zone will see the computer-animated race, set against African drumming and chanting recorded in Senegal by Doudou Ndayie Rose, a septuagenarian father of 38 children. The music will increase in intensity throughout the film, and the walls and floor of the zone's womb room will rock.

The 45-second film has taken more than three months of painstaking computer animation by the British company Framestore, which made the BBC television series Walking with Dinosaurs.

John Hackney, head of the creative team behind the Body Zone shows, said: "The film is designed to be exciting and entertaining and we have sought to show the sperm behaving like a tribe of predatory fish. There are moments of humour as well. We will show an idiot sperm attempting to swim the wrong way."

The Dome organiser, the New Millennium Experience Company, gave details last month of the Body Zone's heart room, where a giant heart will beat normally until alarming incidents double its rate, and the brain room, where a brain will tell jokes in the voice of the latecomedian Tommy Cooper.

The zone features 90ft-high and 200ft-long male and female sculpted figures in a gentle embrace. Visitors will enter by an escalator in the male's right arm and leave through one of the female figure's legs.