Drugs squad for Scottish schools

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THE GOVERNMENT is to set up a school drug safety squad in Scotland, where an 11-year-old boy was discovered with heroin earlier this week.

The move - involving teachers, police and other agencies - was announced yesterday by Scottish education minister Helen Liddell, who said it was "vitally important" that local authorities, teachers, pupils and parents knew how best to deal with drug incidents in schools.

The move follows the discovery on Monday of more than pounds 500 of heroin in the satchel of a pupil at Craigton primary school in Glasgow.

Police are still investigating, but have ruled out any suggestion that the youngster was dealing in drugs at the school. No arrests have been made

Mrs Liddell said: "In light of this week's incident, I am taking immediate action." The school incident appeared to have been dealt with "efficiently and sensitively but more has to be done to reassure parents across Scotland and that's why I am setting up this team".

Strathclyde Chief Constable John Orr welcomed the move and said police were also taking steps. A drugs awareness seminar has been arranged for teachers and parents of selected schools in Glasgow.