Drumcree deal hope

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Indirect contact was yesterday established between the Drumcree Orangemen and the Catholic residents who object to them marching through Garvagh Road, it emerged late last night.

Sources among the residents, however denied reports, apparently emanating from Orange sources, that a possible breakthrough which might end the protracted and bitter dispute was close.

It is understood that the Catholic Cardinal, Dr Cahal Daly, was in touch with a local priest who is a member of the residents' committee. The Cardinal had earlier met the Ulster Unionist leader, David Trimble.

It is also believed that a paper from the Orange side was delivered to the committee, but proved to be unacceptable to its members. Last night, however, sources close to the residents said they believed they had detected the possibility of more flexibility from the loyalist side.

Garvaghy Road residents denied a report that agreement was close on a compromise under which a number of Orangemen would be allowed to march through their district in silence.