Dunblane grief unites leaders

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The nation remembered Dunblane yesterday, a year to the day since Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children and their teacher in a primary school gymnasium in the Scottish city. Across Britain, candles were lit and flowers laid. In the Commons, John Major and Tony Blair put aside their differences to mark the memorial. Mr Blair told the Prime Minister: "One year ago this House stood united in shock at the senseless and appalling tragedy at Dunblane. Today, whatever our differences are, we are united again ... this time in sorrow and commemoration of those that died." Mr Major said the Leader of the Opposition had spoken for everyone in the Commons and for millions beyond it.

Mr Major recalled visiting the primary school and the gymnasium where the massacre took place. "I do not believe ... we will ever forget the scenes we saw there."

John and Norma Major lit a candle yesterday evening in the window of 10 Downing Street in a private commemoration.