Dustman's holiday in the hottest spot

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A dustman threatened with death by rebels in Rwanda has returned to his Midlands home - saying it was his dream trip.

John McBride, of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, picks out the world's troublespots for his holidays. But the 52-year-old - who has a 27-year history of travelling to dangerous places - said his trip to the Rwandan capital Kigali was the closest he has come to death.

"I thought El Salvador was bad, but it was a picnic compared to Kigali. Still, I'd go back there tomorrow if I could.

The middle-aged adventurer caught a bus from Kenya to Uganda, where he obtained a visa to enter the Rwanda, currently a war-zone. "Everybody warned me that I could be killed, but that just got me more excited.

"In other civil wars, the fighters have worn uniforms, but over there they all wear the same rags so you just have to watch who's giving you funny looks."

The binman, who works for Wyre Forest council, has visited El Salvador, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Guatemala and Cambodia.