Dutch police arrest 125 fans

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ENGLISH football hooligans fought with police in Amsterdam last night, bringing chaos to the city centre. About 125 of them were arrested during running battles with 350 riot squad police.

Two officers were injured and one was taken to hospital with his face covered in blood after a glass was smashed over his head. At least one football supporter suffered a head wound.

After clashes between Dutch police and English hooligans on Sunday and last night, fears are growing that there might be more serious trouble at tonight's World Cup qualifier in Rotterdam.

Yesterday's violence happened in the canalside red light area near the main railway station after some English supporters had been drinking all day. About 50 supporters were surrounded outside a bar by police while other officers sealed off the area. Passers-by stared in astonishment as large groups of chanting England supporters were rounded up.

Earlier one hooligan had been led away after a chase by mounted police when a car had its side kicked in and three were arrested after a window was smashed.

Those held will appear in court today or tomorrow.

About 5,000 England supporters are expected at tonight's international, of whom about 1,200 were said to be in Amsterdam last night.

After the trouble on Sunday 30 people were deported under police escort - arriving back in handcuffs at Harwich yesterday - while eight more were detained on assault charges.

Michael Howard, the Home Secretary, has said supporters who misbehave could be banned from attending the World Cup in the United States next year. British police are in the Netherlands gathering information which could be used for that purpose.

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