Academies 'set free' to employ unqualified staff


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The Government has given academies permission to employ non-qualified teachers and put them in charge of the classroom.

This puts academies on an equal footing with the independent sector and free schools. But it has angered union leaders who claimed it was "a perverse decision" and "a clear dereliction of duty".

Ministers say it will help schools employ specialists in languages and out-of-work actors to take drama classes. Ex-service personnel could be hired to take PE classes.

However, Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, argued: "The NUT believes all children deserve to be taught by qualified teachers and it's not just the profession that thinks so. Parents and teachers will see this as a cost-cutting measure that will cause irreparable damage to children's education.

"Schools need a properly resourced team of qualified teachers and support staff."