A child's Christmas

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Sick of Christmas? Weary of the commercialisation and the shopping? Children aren't. Children think it's wonderful. Look through their eyes, fresh from the primary school classroom, at a world of snowmen and Christmas trees and the Nativity, and have a very happy Christmas.


"There's a funny looking person," said King Herod.

And the shepherd said, "it's not a person. It's a snowman. Come on sheep. We're going to see the king."

"A king," King Herod said in a hissy voice. "I think it's not true. I think I'm the only king in the world."

"You aren't. We are kings too," said the Three Kings when they arrived. "And we're going to see the newborn king."

"What?" King Herod said in an angry voice.

"Let's follow a star," said the Three Kings.

"You can't follow a star. Stars don't lead you anywhere," said King Herod in a voice that was amazed.

"Let's go," whispered the Three Kings so King Herod couldn't hear them.

So the shepherd and the Three Kings went to Baby Jesus.

They gave Baby Jesus their gifts and everyone clapped very loudly at the end of the play.


There's a partridge in a pear tree

And a reindeer in the night sky.

We hang up our stockings,

The snow begins to fall from the sky.

The christmas tree sparkles

With lights shining bright,

Santa Claus fills the stockings

when he comes tonight. (Illustrations omitted)

With thanks to:

Laura Rivers, eight, Caversham, Reading.

Stephanie Dreyer, four;

David Hutchinson, seven;

Dominic Brown, eight;

Front Street Primary, Whickham, Tyne and Wear.

Montserrat McShane, seven, Richmond, north Yorkshire.

Joseph Thorne, four, Burry Port Infants', Carmarthenshire.

Connor Woods, five,

Our Lady Immaculate Roman Catholic Primary, Everton, Liverpool.

Lucy Whitby, eight, Hammersmith, London.

Rhys Clapham, seven;

Callum Mills, seven;

Jordon Kosnikowski, eight;

Kelsey Wild, six;

Cavell First and Nursery School, Norwich.

Kitty Swanson, eight, Deal, Kent.