All souls: Visitors' Book

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From the visitors' book at the Museum of the Revolution, the former home of Pancho Villa, in Chihuahua, Mexico.

"Today I came to see part of my culture, and I thank you for all your courtesy" - Anna Maria Peres, Santa Rosa, California.

"We only enjoyed it because we had an excellent guide" - Jackie and Steven, England.

"This is a very unique place. Viva Mexico" - W B Chandler, Detroit.

"This book is as interesting as the museum: very" - A Giardino, New York City.

"People of Mexico, best wishes from the Martins of New York City, USA. Hopefully the poor will become richer in mind and body, money too! Long live the revolution." - The Martins of New York City.

"Viva Pancho, the Mexican Che Guevara. Salud y pesos to the poor people of Mexico. May you find true liberation" - CH, London.