Best exam results on record for Scotland

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Teenagers in Scotland have achieved the country's best exam results on record. The results of the Scottish Highers exam (equivalent to A-level) show the pass rate has increased (from 70.7 to 71.2 per cent) and the number of pupils winning A and B-grade passes is also up.

The trend is likely to be mirrored when A-level results for the rest of the UK are published on Thursday week. Today's results show performance has improved in almost every subject, most notably English where the pass rate has gone up 2.1 per cent to 66.1 per cent. In maths, the figure has stalled, with the pass rate remaining unchanged at 67.8 per cent.

Peter Peacock, Scotland's Education Minister, said: "Our education system is respected internationally as being amongst the strongest but we have the ambition and investments to do even better in future. Today Scotland should celebrate with pupils, parents and teachers and take pride in the fact that we have a sound education system but one we want to take to new heights in future."

In England, Conservatives urged ministers to back more use of synthetic phonics to improve reading in primary schools.