Canoeing: Paddle power rules at Llangollen

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While tennis has Wimbledon and cricket has Lord's, for canoeing enthusiasts the north Wales town of Llangollen is the only place to be in October. The Llangollen Canoe Festival on the River Dee takes place over three days: the British open championships occupy the first two days and are followed by the inter-regional individual event.

The event draws a sizeable and knowledgeable crowd, with the action taking place over a 400-metre course through the centre of the town. Three types of canoe are used: the kayak (of Eskimo origin), the Canadian singles, and the Canadian doubles, which are of American Indian origin.

Each run takes about three minutes, presuming that you do not capsize in the process and have to be rescued from the raging river. Competitors make two runs, with the times from both added together.