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We've been having fun all winter long, checking the answers to our New Year competition. The questions were all related to the Beach Boys, and many of you achieved excellent scores - aided by the festive wild card, which allowed one answer to be "God Only Knows".

The tie-break was to nominate the best beach that the Boys never broached. The suggestions girdled the globe: here are the finalists.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach: "where Norfolk Broads make fast to their Buoys at night" - Steven Brown, Beckenham, Kent

Leigh-on-Sea, Essex: "Tide's out, mud's up, surfing here won't be especially entertaining" - Ralph Conroy, Leigh-on-Sea

Manchester, Massachusetts: "The `singing beach' (it does exist, honest), which the Boys never broached as Brian Wilson couldn't stand competition from Manchester as well as Liverpool" - ND Michaelson, Knebworth, Hertfordshire

Copacabana, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia: "Scarcely a wave or person, cold beer in pale sun by old carousel" - L Hamilton, London

Brighton, East Sussex: "They wanted to catch a wave, not a cold" - Michael Langham, London

All these people receive copies of Lonely Planet's US Phrasebook. The second prize, of a neat pair of eye shades, goes to L Hamilton's lyrical suggestion; and this year's overall champion, winning an inflatable beach bed, is Michael Langham for his suggestion of Brighton.

Thank you all for entering - and watch this space in December for our next geo-musical quiz.