Course Vacancies: All the Ucca places still to be filled

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THE FOLLOWING information comprises the most up-to-date information available on the full-time and sandwich course vacancies remaining in the UK universities and colleges of higher education.

The lists are compiled by Pcas and Ucca from information supplied by their institutions, and are published for the benefit of applicants in clearing. Detailed clearing instructions are sent by Pcas and Ucca to applicants concerned: those who have applied after 26 May 1993, those without offers, and those who have not been offered a place after receipt of their results.

Vacancies are listed under subject headings; these frequently do not correspond exactly with course titles. A course may appear more than once - the course contains a major element of all subjects under which it appears. It may be a course in two subjects, or perhaps a combined studies course. It is therefore essential that applicants consult the Ucca Handbook and the Pcas Guide for Applicants to check the details. (In the Pcas listings course codes starting with a letter will be degree or DipHE courses; those starting with a number will be HND courses.) This information is available only from the Independent, or in schools and careers offices via Ecctis 2000 and Campus 2000 databases.

Student Choice 1993 will be broadcast every day on BBC Radio 5 until Tuesday 31 August, and there is a freephone student helpline on 0500 505050. Applicants who have applied to Ucca only or to Pcas only and now wish to apply for clearing in the other system must first register with that system. On their original acknowledgement a supplementary application form was provided for this purpose. New applicants, not in either system to date, need an application form, from their school/college, local careers office, or if necessary from Ucca/Pcas.

Pcas listings: Pcas can be contacted on 0242 227788 if you have any difficulty with your clearing application. Pcas applicants must be in possession of their clearing entry form before they can obtain a place on any of these courses. Course details and titles must be checked against the institution entries in the Pcas Guide for Applicants. Since the publication of the Pcas Guide the following institutions have changed their names: Leeds Metropolitan University (formerly Leeds Polytechnic); London Guildhall University (City of London Polytechnic); Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester Polytechnic); Oxford Brooks University (Oxford Polytechnic); Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham Polytechnic); Glasgow Caledonian University (Glasgow Polytechnic); Luton University (Luton College of HE).

Ucca listings: Ucca operates a direct clearing telephone line on 0242 222460 from 1-24 September between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. You should use this line if you have a serious problem concerning your application in clearing. This line should not be used for clearing vacancy information. Applicants must consult the Ucca Handbook to check the details of the degree courses listed.

The number in brackets indicates the minimum points score requirement - calculate your points as follows (counting a maximum of three A-levels): A- levels - Grade A 10 points, B 8, C 6, D 4, E 2; AS-level - Grade A 5 points, B 4, C 3, D 2, E 1. Applicants with other qualifications must check the minimum requirements that apply with the university/college itself.

(Listings omitted)