Edexcel GCSE maths exam goes viral on Twitter after students complain paper was tough

Thousands of GCSE students sat the paper

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School kids who sat their GCSEs before Twitter was created only had their friends and family to vent to if they were convinced they had failed.

But nowadays pupils can get a single exam trending on Twitter, as was the case after thousands of GCSE students sat what appeared to be a particularly tricky Edexcel Maths paper.

Teenagers from across the UK have joked on the social media website about how hard the test was, with many saying the first half was a breeze compared with the second.

Dozens directed their frustration at the question: “Prove that n²-n-90=0”, and another mysterious conundrum about a girl called Hannah eating some sweets.

And even if they may not have aced the maths paper, the teens at least proved they know how to pick the best memes.