Education: Happiness is ... 10 beers and a snog

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Greg is happy to be labelled a Lad. In between watching the England v Switzerland football match at the pub, the 20-year-old Sheffield University student explains his philosophy.

After finishing his exams this month he went straight to the bar the same afternoon. He had about 10 beers and went back to "some bird's house" at 9pm. Later he returned to the bar, where he met his mates. They all went off to a club, where he claims he pulled some more "birds". It's usual for the Lad to "cop off" with several women in one night, he says. In fact, during the interview Greg indulges in an impromptu spot of tonsil- tickling with a woman hitherto unknown to him. And he gets her telephone number. Greg explains: "It tends to be nothing serious. It's usually a pissed-up snog."

But the fun doesn't end there. As captain of the university rugby club, Greg is involved in organising gentlemen's evenings. A stripper performed at the last one. "She was nice. We had a good time," he says. "We just got pissed and talked about rugby, football and women."

He admits that some people don't like what he gets up to, but it's all harmless fun, he says.

His favourite pub in Sheffield is the Broomhill Tavern because you can walk in there and immediately spot someone you know. But the women there are terrible, he says - really ugly.

His heroes are Chris Evans and anyone featured in Loaded magazine. Men Behaving Badly is his favourite TV programme: "I watched the video last night and quoted every word." He's particularly fond of quoting Martin Clunes' immortal words: "Bed? Bed's for stupid people. Let's get a kebab and go to a disco."