Education Letter: Sun sea and study

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JOHN IZBICKI wonders why Cypriot students should choose to leave sunny Cyprus (Word of Mouth, Education, 18 March) and the new university's beautiful caps and gowns and come to the UK to study.

What he failed to mention also, however, was the apparent quality of the degree courses offered by Cypriot universities: a four-year programme (as opposed to our three-year degrees) which allows for a more in-depth analysis of the subject, as well as a requirement that:

l students (whatever their disciplines) take a number of courses outside their major field of study (to promote a breadth of knowledge); l all students take another modern language which gives them a headstart in the world of business and which promotes cultural empathy and understanding.

Meanwhile here in the UK the debate continues about cutting another year from the curriculum, while the Eurosceptics promote an ever more narrow view of the world. I too would prefer to study in Cyprus.


Carmarthen, Wales