Education: New universities

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Students who thought they had applied to polytechnics last winter may be taken aback to discover they now have a university place. The Government has so far allowed 30 former polytechnics to adopt university names, and there may be more in the next few weeks. The most up-to-date changes are as follows:

New university / Used to be

Anglia Polytechnic University / Anglia Poly

Bournemouth University / Bournemouth Poly

University of Brighton / Brighton Poly

University of Central England in Birmingham / Birmingham Poly

University of Central Lancashire / Lancashire Poly

City of London University / City Poly

Coventry University / Coventry Poly

University of Derbyshire / Derbyshire College of HE

University of East London / Polytechnic of East London

University of Glamorgan / Polytechnic of Wales

University of Greenwich / Thames Poly

University of Hertfordshire / Hatfield Poly

University of Huddersfield / Huddersfield Poly

University of Humberside / Humberside Poly

Kingston University / Kingston Poly

Liverpool John Moores University / Liverpool Poly

Middlesex University / Middlesex Poly

De Montfort University / Leicester Poly

University of Northumbria at Newcastle / Newcastle Poly

University of North London / Polytechnic of North London

University of Plymouth / Polytechnic South West

University of Portsmouth / Portsmouth Poly

South Bank University / South Bank Poly

Staffordshire University / Staffordshire Poly

University of Sunderland / Sunderland Poly

University of Teesside / Teesside Poly

Thames Valley University / Polytechnic of West London

University of West of England, Bristol / Bristol Poly

University of Westminster Polytechnic of Central London

University of Wolverhampton / Wolverhampton Poly