Education: No degree, No problem

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Jane Cox, 30, was a non-graduate who recently completed a full- time MBA at Bradford and now works as a management consultant in Leeds.

"I started in retail banking after one year of A-levels, and spent 12 years in financial services. My last job was with an independent financial advisory firm. I'd reached the point where the next move involved specialising, but I wasn't sure that was what I wanted. I decided an MBA would expose me to wider thought processes and a broader outlook, and Bradford seemed very suitable for me.

"Although I had a Diploma in Management Studies and two other professional qualifications, I did think having no degree would be a problem. But the staff were extremely positive. They emphasised that at the end of the day what was most important was the business experience you could bring to the programme.

"The degree thing was more of a psychological barrier for me: I knew I had ample equivalent qualifications but not that piece of paper. As it turned out, Bradford was right: my work experience was far more important than any academic qualification."