Education: Oddly Enough

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A frog in my throat: A Houston teacher found a dead frog among an otherwise healthy serving of greens with her school lunch. Melody Vizi, a teacher at the Bonner Elementary School in Houston, Texas, was at first unsure what the strange object on her lunch tray was, but after consulting colleagues, her suspicions were confirmed and it was identified as the remains of a frog. Aramark Corp, which provides food management services to the school, said every effort was being made to find out what had gone wrong and prevent it happening again. "It's a serious issue and we are taking it very seriously," said manager Ray Danilowicz. The frog seemed to have gotten among the broccoli when it was being processed and packaged, he said.

Born to study: Nursing students at Francis Tuttle Vo-Tech in Oklahoma got some unexpected hands-on training when classmate Elizabeth Atoyebi went into labour. "It was real neat to see a baby born," said Kelly Monden, one of four students who helped three instructors with the birth. Mrs Atoyebi had been determined to take her pharmacology exam, and had stumbled slightly as she headed for the testing room and winced in pain. Health instructors Valerie McCartney, Linda Dawkins and Dianne Gremillion swung into action with the help of the students. Ms McCartney, a certified obstetrics nurse and midwife, co-ordinated the effort. Baby Michael was delivered at the school and was later taken to the hospital with his mother. The school gave Mrs Atoyebi's 6lb 9oz son a present - a tuition waiver if he ever decides to attend.

Separated by war: In 1965 Bob Eamigh paid pounds 30 for a gold ring with a deep red stone, the school's insignia and his initials, "RRE". He lost it sometime in 1967 - either at Penn State University or during training for the Vietnam War. Thirty-one years later, he received a call from Ken DaVico in Hawaii, who found it crusted in coral while snorkelling with a metal detector on a nearby island. But all a grateful Bob could say was: "I've never been to Hawaii."