Education: Oddly Enough

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Magyar porno: Hungary's education minister has ordered an investigation after his old high school was shown in a pornographic film on cable television. Budapest's Toldy High School - one of the country's best, dating to the 1850s - is the Alma Mater of both Education Minister Zoltan Pokorni and late Prime Minister Jozsef Antall, Hungary's first post-communist premier. But viewers of the Eurotica channel, carried on cable in Hungary, saw it recently as the venue for the filming of Young Love, a hard-core German production, the daily Blikk reported. The film crew, reportedly, was let into the building by the custodian's husband for pounds 70 when it was vacant.

You smoke, I sue: The latest punishment for smoking in US schools is litigation. Gary Philips, a maths teacher at Liverpool High School, New York, has filed a lawsuit against pupil Brian Parrillo, whom he claims was smoking in the boys' bathroom. Philips is seeking pounds 36 for a doctor's visit and allergy medication he says he needed after he was exposed to the smoke. The teacher is also seeking punitive damages for pain and suffering, according to the complaint he filed in small-claims court. "I don't think it's fair," complained Parrillo's mother, Carol. Philips said the cloud of smoke coming from the bathroom left him with a sore throat, a headache, watery eyes and congestion. He promises that any money he wins will go to charity - or back to Parrillo's father.

Teacher's on the Rocks: A New Jersey elementary school teacher, Joseph Guida, was outraged when he was accused of going to work drunk, so he drove to the police station in Rockaway Township and asked the chief to smell his breath. Police Chief Joseph Devine obliged - and then arrested him for driving while intoxicated.

Guida had been teaching a class at the Dennis B O'Brien School when he complained to Principal Carol Calella of feeling ill. The teacher acted oddly, said Calella, but she believed he was sick and told him to go home. Guida reportedly returned to the school later, looking worse for wear. Calella said she smelled alcohol and asked him to leave. After insisting he was teetotal, Guida left and drove to the police station. He failed two breath-tests, and after he was charged, police drove him home.