Education Your Views: Our textbooks are carefully checked

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I missed the "Useless books cast a gloom" article (Education+, 19 February) but I found Richard Ward's reply (Your Views, 5 March) depressing. I have been writing school textbooks for 11 years. I cannot speak for all publishers, but the editors I work with are very keen to ensure accuracy. All my manuscripts are edited for accuracy by experts in the relevant field before publication. When readers write to point out mistakes or misinterpretations that have slipped through, their comments are taken seriously and, where we feel it necessary, the books are corrected at reprint. We make no claims to be perfect, but we try very hard to make sure that pupils and teachers can rely on the information the books provide.

I agree that the amount of misinformation in print is horrifying, but some of us do care!

Sue Penney,

Hope, Wrexham