Education: Your views - Rewarding profession

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I'm sorry that Caroline Millar did not find teaching to be such a Nice little Number (Personally Speaking, EDUCATION, 1 April). I have taught for 27 years and loved most of it. Yes the profession has changed and there is more bureaucracy, but it has never been easy! Why should children deserve any less than people dedicated to their profession? Are journalism, medicine, the police force etc etc family friendly? I would argue that any profession requires commitment and if people decide to have a family, then this has to be carefully worked out to ensure that being a parent and working is beneficial to all. I have two sons, now both at university. During the years they were growing, I worked full- time and felt relieved that at least I earned a salary that would allow me to pay for childcare. There are many people who do not earn enough to work and have children. Teaching is a demanding and very rewarding profession. I still enjoy every day. Yes I am frustrated by the wealth of new initiatives, but my answer is to think of the children in school and remember when the lights go on what a wonderful feeling it is to be the teacher of that child!