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Maths market

In most of Europe, maths is presented as a complete set of solutions derived from only one set of axioms. Taking a first step towards developing a more human,and more realistic, style of teaching maths - strengthening democratic attitudes rather than weakening them - the Baden-Wurttemberg Institute of Educational Development is collaborating with Colin Hannaford of the Institute of Democracy from Mathematics in Oxford to set up a European teachers' conference in Stuttgart in late 1996.

Mathematics, history and moral or social sciences from at least five EU countries can attend. Mr Hannaford needs to find a school in Britain that could send two teachers to the conference. Adequate expenses will be paid. Write to 10 Marlborough Court, Oxford, OX2 OQT.

Home starts

The first compulsory national curriculum tests for 11-year-olds begin Monday, but thousands of children will have already been put through similar ones at home by their parents. Letts, the only publisher to produce workbooks for these tests, has sold a staggering 30,000 copies in the six weeks since they were introduced. Parents would have had to buy a workbook in each of the core subjects - English, maths and science - at £3.95 to cover all the tests .

Learners' line

Next week is Adult Learners' Week. Special events will be held all round the country to draw attention to the successes of the system and to encourage more people to take part.

A free and confidential helpline offering guidance to adults on education, training and employment opportunities will run for two weeks from next Monday on 0800 100 900.

Wendy Berliner