Fees rise nearly double inflation

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Private school fees have increased by 68 per cent over the past decade, according to research published today.

The rise is more than 1.8 times faster than the increase in the Retail Price Index (37 per cent) over the same period, according to the study by Lloyds TSB Private Banking.

Researchers said that with fees rising significantly more than inflation it has become more difficult for average earners in many occupations to afford private education.

In 2002, those in well-paid professions – such as pharmacy, architecture, IT, engineering and science – would have been able to send their child to a private school on their average earnings.

Since 2002, the average annual private-school fee has increased from £6,820 to £11,457 in 2012.

The biggest rises have been in Greater London and the South-west with fees increasing in both regions by 79 per cent.