Football: Sidelines - This week's transfers

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Free or undisclosed fees unless stated

George Kulcsar (midfielder) Bradford City to Queen's Park Rangers (pounds 250,000); George Boateng (midfielder) Feyenoord to Coventry City (pounds 250,000); Brian Gayle (defender) Bristol Rovers to Shrewsbury; Paul Smith (midfielder) Nottingham Forest to Lincoln City; Paul Linger (midfielder) Leyton Orient to Brighton; Paul Watson (defender) Fulham to Brentford; Derek Whyte (defender) Middlesbrough to Aberdeen; Louie Donowa (forward) Walsall to Ayr; Alan Lawrence (winger) Airdrie to Partick (exchange); David Farrell (defender) Partick to Airdrie (exchange).


David Lee (defender) Chelsea to Sheffield Utd; Neil Heaney (forward) Manchester City to Bournemouth; Paul Teather (midfielder) Manchester Utd to Bournemouth; Steve Harper (goalkeeper) Newcastle to Huddersfield; Simon Brown (goalkeeper) Tottenham to Lincoln City; Barry Jones (defender) Wrexham to York; Richard Jobson (defender) Leeds to Huddersfield (trial); Bryan Small (defender) Bolton to Bradford City; Paul Tisdale (midfielder) Bournemouth to Exeter; Ronnie Wallwork (defender) Manchester Utd to Carlisle; Andy Kiwomya (forward) Bradford City to Notts County (trial); Colin Simpson (forward) Hendon to Leyton Orient (trial); Ian Baird (forward) Brighton to Instant Dict (HK) trial.