Football: Ten things Coventry's Bermudian Kyle Lightbourne might be missing

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1 Bermuda's national library, which will proudly re-open after refurbishment, fumigation and replenishment. It only has 115,000 books, but that is still 1.05 for every Premiership spectator at Highfield Road this season.

2 The furore that might see a McDonald's built on Bermuda next year after the Prohibited Restaurants Act 1997 was challenged in court this week.

3 A dark 'n' stormy. Rum and ginger beer.

4 Gombey dancing, which appears to be a rabble jumping up and down - much like Coventry's playing style.

5 Bermuda chowder - fish bits, peppers, parsley, garlic, curry powder, Worcestershire sauce, celery, ketchup and carrots.

6 Reliance on the luxury tourist trade for a living.

7 The pace of life. Bermuda has as 20 mph speed limit, a legal maximum of one car per household and relies on mopeds.

8 Golf. Bermuda is the most densely coursed (eight in 22 square miles) country in the world.

9 Wreck-diving. (Although the Sky Blues tend to dive down the table looking fairly wrecked come springtime).

10 The triangle.