Football: Ten things that Boro's Bolivian Jaime Moreno might be missing today

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1 La Paz, four kilometres above sea level, the highest capital city in the world.

2 Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable body of water in the world.

3 Bolivian farmers, arguably the highest in the world, as they export more cocaine than any country except Colombia.

4 Wages that can double in minutes. But inflation

has reached 35,000 per cent in the past.

5 The Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria, which takes place in early February in Copacabana, on the banks of Titicaca.

6 Chicha - maize liquor.

7 Andean music - as haunting and mournful as Middlesbrough cries when Newcastle win.

8 The Witches' Market in La Paz, which sells spells and potions.

9 The Chaco plain. Desolate and impenetrable, much like the north east.

10 Coveted territory. Bolivia is constantly in land disputes with its neighbours.