Football: Ten things that Crystal Palace's Icelandic international Hermann Hreidarsson might be missing

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1 Fish-dominated news. This week's main story in Reykjavik was: "Iceland to set unilateral shrimp quota in the Flemish Cap."

2 Hrutspungur. Ram's testicles pickled in whey made into a cake - as delicious as Selhurst Park pies.

3 Enn ein stodin. Iceland's No 1 TV programme, a sort of Drop the Dead Donkey with snow.

4 The Great Geyser near Gullfoss, which, like "Great Geezer" Steve Coppell, has been around for about 600 years.

5 Blurred nights in Kassibarin, the Reykjavik bar co-owned by singer Damon Albarn.

6 Yarns about warrior Eric the Red, who colonised Greenland in 982. Selhurst only has yarns about Eric of the Reds causing a stir in 1995.

7 Hallgrimskirkja, a church in Reykjavik designed to resemble a mountain of lava.

8 Rare winter rays. (And there will be no Ray through the SE25 winter either.)

9 Asatru, a minority Norse religion which focuses on nature's harmony and natural forces.

10 The geothermal Blue Lagoon. Like Selhurst Park, only hotter and more popular on Saturdays.