Football: Ten things that Crystal Palace's midfielder Itzhak Zohar might be missing in London SE25 today following his return to Israel

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1 An evening with Michael Barrymore at the Fairfield Hall, Croydon. Less laughs than an afternoon at Selhurst, but about half the price.

2 The most famous twin towers in south London - the pair of television masts at Crystal Palace.

3 Going shopping without leaving work - in the Sainsburys end of the ground.

4 The January sale at Dabners garden centre, Croydon. The perfect place to buy a new bench to spend Saturdays on.

5 The coaching skills of Ron Noades, one of the few chairmen with an FA coaching badge.

6 The Lord Napier jazz pub in Thornton Heath - the place to go on Blues night when your woman's left, your dog's died and Zohar is in the starting 11.

7 Frequent opportunities to go to Wembley - five visits for Palace in the 90s.

8 Marti Webb and Nigel from Eastenders in pantomime in Croydon.

9 Penalties. Although Zohar, with a 100 per cent failure rate at Palace, is capable of missing a penalty anywhere.

10 The rousing Selhurst Park cheers of: "There's only one Itzhak Zohar, one Itzhak Zohar. One too many."