Football: Ten things that Tottenham's Algerian Moussa Saib might be missing today

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1 The capital Algiers, located in a Mediterranean bay and in the shadow of the mountains.

2 The Martyrs' Monument in Algiers, a 92- metre high concrete memorial which dominates the skyline.

3 Algiers' Medina area of narrow alleys and old buildings. A confusing place where a French influence can be detected. Like White Hart Lane on a good day, then.

4 Kebabs. Although there's no shortage of places to buy a doner in N17 or on Green Lanes.

5 The beach at Zeralda.

6 The ski resort at Chrea, 50 miles south of the capital and 1,510 metres above sea level.

7 The off-the-beaten-track coastal town of Tigzirt, where nothing disturbs the sleepy atmosphere and few outsiders choose to visit. N17?

8 Constantine, the town described by Alexandre Dumas as "an eagle's nest perched on the summit of a crag."

9 Many gorgeous gorges.

10 Roman ruins in almost every town.