Football: Ten things that Wolves' Finn, Mixu Paatelainen, might be missing today

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1 The world's finest vodka. So potent that the famous Rajamaki distillery used to make anti-tank "cocktail" weapons and pure alcohol motor fuel.

2 Winters so inspiring they drive you to existential poetry and deep contemplation. And suicide.

3 Manic summers. Mostly spent drinking vodka.

4 The national trait, sisu, meaning gutsy or resilient. Needed at Molineux.

5 The delights of reindeer, snow grouse and many other indigenous species. Best enjoyed stewed, and accompanied with vodka.

6 The hundreds of thousands of young, Swedish women looking to spend money and have a good time that are the largest single group of tourists to Finland. (West Midlands tourists come mainly from the East Midlands.)

7 The state beer, wine and spirit outlet, Alko.

8 Kristiinakaupunki, an unspoilt town founded in 1649. Its narrowest street, Catwhipper's Lane, is 299cm wide.

9 Finnish humour. Involves vodka and a smile.

10 The real Santa Claus of Finnish Lapland. Rosy-cheeked and happy.