For graduates the job is done after 10 years

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A survey for the Government's Teacher Training Agency reveals many feel they want to start a new career by the time they are 35. The research, published today, reveals 69 per cent of graduates aged between 21 and 36 envisage starting a new career.

Those between 21 and 26 in particular have itchy feet - with 40 per cent saying they will ditch their chosen career within five years and 71 per cent in 10 years.

One in five wants to become a teacher as a second career - making it the most popular option. In second place on the wish list was a job in the media - put down by 14 per cent. Third was IT with 11 per cent. Those most likely to quit their chosen profession were employed in marketing or in administration.

The research, carried out by YouGov plc among 1,778 working graduates, revealed that the main reasons for a job switch were "a craving for new challenges" and "the desire to use new skills".