Games: don't junk it - use it

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More origami this week - a credit-card case designed by Humiata Huzita, who is a physics professor in Padua.

Start with a piece of A4 paper. Fold it in half, bringing the two shorter edges together. Then fold both free edges to the crease in the middle and unfold again.

Now fold up a small hem on each side as shown below. Fold the corners in to the crease in the middle. Do this on both sides.

Next, fold up again along the crease. Leaving these folds in place, unfold the top fold (the first one you made) and turn the paper over, then rotate to leave a short edge at the top.

Fold the top down to make a hem. You will notice two triangular pockets appear. Fold in half, tucking the bottom corners into the top pockets.

Finally, fold in half from side to side. Put credit cards, tickets etc. into the four pockets.