Games: Don't junk it - use it

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The next time you go to a Swedish lifestyle store and wonder whether to buy one of those elegant wooden knife racks, then decide not to because you don't need a knife rack, why not go home and make one yourself? There is little in life quite so satisfying as making something that you have just saved money by not buying because you didn't need it in the first place.

1. Cut four pieces of wood long and deep enough for your longest and deepest knives. Or 2cm by 4.2 cm, if that makes more sense. (The wood may be found in any good skip.)

2. Glue them to a piece of plywood or MDF. Leave enough space between the pieces to slide the knives in. (A knitting needle or folded cardboard will act well as a spacer.)

3. Now cut around the plywood, leaving a small lip at the handle end.

4. Turn the rack over and screw screws into the top and bottom of each piece of wood. (If you really want to be fancy, use mirror screws which will then act as feet for the rack to stand on.)

5. Take two lengths of thin moulding and panel pins and tack the moulding across the top of the rack. This stops heavy-handled knives from flipping out.