Games: Statistically insignificant

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Every day you are may read a new survey telling you what percentage of which group does what to whom how often. To make all such future surveys superfluous, here is a complete percentage table, all from the last 12 months. The sample population is British unless otherwise stated.

99% of Britons watch television.

98% think contraception should remain free on the NHS

97% of nurses believe there are staff shortages in their hospitals

96% of casualty nurses have been verbally abused

95% of railway stations have no nappy-changing or breast-feeding facilities

94% of executives say they usually finish a business trip with a sense of accomplishment

93% of GPs say a new bed can ease back pain.

92% of teenage girls in Middlesex tidy their rooms at least once a week

91% adults would never agree to wife-swapping

90% of football fans think the game would benefit from professional referees

89% think the Millennium Dome is a waste of money

88% of women say they would not fuss about their appearance before appearing on TV

87% of the French think Britain is improving

86% think sight is the sense we most fear losing

85% would back a reduction in the drink-drive limit

84% of bishops can name at least one Spice Girl

83% of us spend Christmas with their families

82% of Britons have never heard of Lionel Jospin the French prime minister

81% of women think that contraception is mainly a woman's responsibility

80% of trains have no nappy-changing facilities

79% of us felt the coverage of Diana's death was sensitive

78% of car-crimes are thefts from the vehicle

77% of parents are unhappy with the train service

76% of Americans think the British are well-informed about current affairs

75% of working children are employed illegally

74% of hospital doctors do not expect the NHS to exist in 50 years

73% of fishermen think hunting should be illegal

72% of teenagers tidy their rooms once a month or less

71% of adults think young offenders are let off too lightly

70% of football fans say statistical analysis enhances their enjoyment of the game

69% of wine is bought in supermarkets

68% of British youngsters name Adolf Hitler as

67% of Yorkshire women are still waiting for the sex of their dreams

66% of women do not feel confident naked

65% of people hate junk mail

65% of 35 to 45 year-olds are more financially content than they were in their 20s.

64% of high-achieving women who have had an affair have not regretted it

63% of victims of car crime are aged 25 to 35

62% of people blame themselves for marital rows

61% of men think think contraception is mainly a woman's responsibility

60% of shoppers say they try to buy British

59% think big businesses exploits the work force

58% pay cash for Christmas shopping

57% of men aged 20-24 have taken illegal drugs

56% of men in Scotland are too fat

55% disapprove of banning beef on the bone

54% back a smoking ban in all public places

53% want to ban all forms of tobacco sponsorship

52% of over-50s have life insurance

51% plan to organise a party for the millennium

50% of women think they are overweight

49% of 18-24 year-olds would like to go abroad for Christmas

48% of teenagers smoke or have tried it

47% of Scottish women think they are too fat

46% of 8-16-year-olds can't find London on a map

45% of the total workforce are women

44% of women feel stressed

43% of women aged 20-24 have taken drugs

42% of women high-achievers admit to having had an extra-marital affair

41% of people over 55 consider themselves lucky

40% of raw meat sales are chicken

39% of people touch wood for luck

38% have not had an eye test in the last two years

37% think walking under ladders is unlucky

36% of us made a new year's resolution

35% of couples argue more than once a week

34% of nurses have been attacked while on duty

33% of houeholds play the midweek lottery

32% of women high-achievers have no children

31% are planning to go to a millennium party

30% of cars in Barnsley are red

29% of adults have taken a short break holiday

28% of households are of one person only

27% of mothers have an epidural anaesthetic

26% of marital rows take place in the evenings

25% of women say they think about sex daily

24% of women think they are not attractive

23% of executives think new technology has made life more stressful

22% of women in the Midlands have grey hair

21% of men would pay pounds 1000 to set Melinda Messenger free if she were kidnapped

20% of women say their sex life is fantastic

19% of us start Christmas shopping in October

18% vote the Scottish accent their favourite

17% of new year resolutions last less than a day

16% of men are obese

15% of the UK population are over 65

14% do not eat red meat

13% of breath tests for alcohol are positive

12% of teenagers' bedrooms have a computer

11% of Britons say they don't like Germans

10% of male workers have a female boss

9% of GP consultations are in the patient's home

8% of companies are staffed on Christmas Day

7% of vicars do not have television sets

6% of cars in Chelsea are Mercedes

5% of bathroom buyers opt for a bidet

4% of adults belong to a political party

3% of consumers do not celebrate Christmas

2% of executives have returned from a bubusiness trip to find they have been sacked

1% of us made a new year's resolution to keep a diary.